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2020 Girls and the U.S Army

Only 0.12 percent of women in the United States choose to join the military.

In this year's senior class we have 3 girls that have decided to join. In the past 3 years we haven't had any girls go into the military, so what's different about 2020?

I know first-hand the motivations behind enlistment because I am one of the three girls. I enlisted in the Army in August 2019, one month after I turned 17. I leave for Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, the day I turn 18. I have been set on joining the military since I was 11, being inspired by my Grandfather who served in the army in World War Two. I decided to join to serve my country and the free college doesn't hurt. I signed to become a 12 Bravo or combat engineer, which until 3 years ago was only open to men. This does make me anxious, however, I anticipate getting to serve the country that has given me so many opportunities.

Tricia Owour has decided on the army as well. She stated that she wants to make a career out of the military. Owour was born in Kenya and many have said they are impressed with her decision to fight for our country. When asked what her motivation was she stated “I could never see myself at a desk job and I want to be the first one in my family to do something like it.” Tricia is confident in her decision and can’t see herself doing anything else. Just like the rest of us she is nervous but excited, she states “I can't wait to put on the uniform and be apart of the worlds greatest team.”

Senior Victoria Sweetman is also in the process of enlistment. She plans to join the Marine Corps, planning to leave next summer for her training. Vic’s motivation lies in serving her country as well, she sees it as a great fit for her as a person “It's just so me, it's what I’ve wanted to do, its physically demanding and an experience” she states. Victoria was also born outside the US, she was adopted from Russia, to many she’s the most patriotic person they know. Tuition assistance and the ability to stay near home benefited her, however, what she emphasized most was the experience and how the military was going to impact her.

We all have different motivations and stories the one thing all three of us have in common is our country and the great things its given us.

Serving our nation is what we feel called to do and I personally can't wait to see the amazing things my friends will do beside me in The United States Military.


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