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5 Funniest Moments During Remote Learning

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continue to surge in the United States, schools across the country issued an indefinite closure and moved their education online, including Eastern Christian School. As EC finished its first full week of remote learning amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, EC Times gathered five funniest moments happened during remote learninh.

Top 5: “I am taking a shower...”

We are living in an unprecedented time in which students can “go to school” in less than a minute: rolling out of bed, turning on the laptop, and joining Google Meet wearing a sweatshirt with a hood on. Shower, a daily routine that usually takes place early in the morning, no longer happens.

Junior Emmanuel Dyer, craving for a shower but resents the fact that there are not enough times between classes, came up with a brilliant plan...

Top 4: Hat Day

In order to cope with boredom and isolation that comes with remote learning, EC decided to have Wednesday, March 25 be “Hat Day.”

In Mr. Uitermarkt’s International Relations, senior Elijah Crefeld decided to wear a Star Wars Clone Trooper's helmet to class. However, the best of all goes to Mr. Harvell with his cowboy hat in combination with his long hair and beard.

Top 3: “Mrs. Lindermulder joined class, after 40 minutes....”

Remote learning has been unfair and stressful for some teachers especially when not everyone is naturally good with technology. One day, students at French class experienced an “anarchy” when their teacher, Mrs. Lindermulder didn’t show up until approximately 40 minutes after class started. Though students in the class had fun talking to each other for 40 minutes, it is also important to remember to give thanks to all EC teachers for their hard work and dedication to make quality education possible in this unprecedented time.

Top 2: Mr. Apol disappeared, Mr. I came to the rescue.

Even though remote learning has gone well for most students and teachers, some suffered from technical difficulties. Some students reported that Mr. Apol used to have issues with his internet connections. “It’s funny that Mr. Apol's google meet would go in and out randomly in class while he would introduce something and then go silent as he disappeared. He would then just pop back on after different amounts of time” says junior Vesti Graine.

Freshman Sebastiano Secado described a similar occasion when Mr. Apol got disconnected on the first and second day of remote learning. Then one of his classmates decided to cast himself playing Forza Horizon 4, a new car game. All of a sudden, Principal Mr. Intlekofer popped in to check how the class is doing and explain Mr. Apol’s internet issues. Eventually, Mr. I left and Mr. Apol rejoined to continue the class.

Top 1: Grace Kellogg’s Crazy Activities in Class

On the first day of remote learning in gym class, Grace Kellogg decided to do something different. Described by senior Cara Shotmeyer, Grace was piling hats on top of herself. Eventually she was wearing ten hats all at once. Then on the next day, she decided to cut her hair on camera. No one knows what was going on.


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