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A COVID-friendly club has formed for the EC community

EC students kayaking (2021)


This word perfectly describes what the last year during the pandemic has felt for everyone; however, high school student Rachel Post has found a way to have her classmates safely involved in the school community.

She did this by founding the Outdoor Adventure Club; so she could share her love for nature with others. This happened through Eastern Christian High School with the guidance of Mrs. van’t Slot. The club is for all students in the community. Since May, they have planned different adventures -- from kayaking at Monksville Reservoir in Ringwood to hiking at Skyline Drive in Oakland.

“I hope to build a sense of community and foster a love for nature like I have,” says Post.

Her interest in outdoor activities began in the summer going into sixth grade when she went on a kayaking trip up the Delaware River. This experience sparked her love for nature and the group of people made it even more special. From this experience she found a love for enjoying the outdoors with others because of the community in it.

“Kayaking was my favorite adventure that we went on because it was the first time that we were able to partner with an outside organization and get more people involved. I also loved it because the weather was absolutely gorgeous that day and there was so much to see while we were out on the water,” explains Post.

This club has become a SOAR opportunity for students at EC. At this time they plan future activities and enjoy walking outside on the school grounds. They also plan on forming fundraisers so they can go on new and exciting adventures.

Meanwhile, for future activities especially in the colder months new members mentioned being interested in ice skating. Also, she would love to do a ropes course or camping in the warmer months for a fun adventure for the community. The main goal for the club is to enjoy being outside as a group.

Though she is a senior she feels hopeful that this club will continue because of the several underclassmen that have joined this school year. Therefore, she hopes they will take up the responsibility that it takes to make this club successful.

“It’s challenging, but most of the time it's super rewarding,” Post summarizes about being the leader.


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