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A first for Sophomores

Soft lighting, blazing music, and excited students entered the Eastern Christian High School gym ready for another classic Homecoming dance. Due to Covid cases arising back in 2020, Eastern Christian school shut down and moved into online learning. This caused the class of 2024 to be deprived of their 8th grade dance. Freshman year hit and all dances were cancelled once again. Now we are in 2021 and the traditional homecoming dance has come back better than ever.

October 16, 2021 many sophomores spent their Saturday dancing the night away for the first time. Sophomore Gianna Angelucci found herself dancing to the famous “Wobble,” song which Gianna made sure that everyone knew it was her favorite song played. Gianna expressed excitedly that her favorite part of the dance was, “dancing with random people.”

Songs blared through the gym and large dance circles opened, Sophomore Nehemiah Rhee found himself in the center of it. Nehemiah expressed, “I didn’t know what to expect so I went in kind of nervous.” Though Nehemiah entered unknown territory he found himself dancing freely, taking pictures, and enjoying himself with his friends.

Though Covid pushed the 2024 class dances so far back, many sophomores made the best of it and had an overall amazing night.

Nehemiah explained his homecoming in one sentence by saying, “If there were any expectations to begin with, then they were definitely met.”


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