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A Very Merry Christmas

The Reinmuth family has a tradition in his family where the majority of his family travel to Upstate New York to meet his grandparents. They stay with their grandparents for a few days and talk about everything and play games.

Drinking hot chocolate while opening their presents has become quite popular and they have been doing it long before they can even remember. This specific year, Liam hopes to receive money for a camp he wants to join in the summer. He said, “I am very excited for Christmas Break and can’t wait to have a blast with my family”.

While some are meeting families and drinking hot chocolate, others like Charlie are attempting to build the biggest snowman he’s ever built. He said, “My brother and I are very excited because it seems like a blast. We will be able to bond while building something fun”.

Charlie Veenema seems very very determined and excited for this fun activity.

“YIPPEE this Christmas break is going to be amazing and watch out guys I am gonna be on the news for the biggest snow fort soon.”

With Christmas Break approaching, the students are anticipating a lot of fun to head their way.


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