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Allan Mwirigi: A Legacy Through Relationships

Though the journey he started from his Freshman year to Senior year has concluded, his legacy will always live on.

Allan Mwirigi left a legacy not only in sports, but also with his relationships with others in the community.

Allan is now a freshman in NJIT studying media and communication. He has also been participating in club soccer since he started college, but unfortunately, there has not been much going on otherwise because of the ongoing pandemic.

Allan first came to the EC community during his freshman year in high school when he was fifteen years old. Throughout his high school years, he participated in sports. As a soccer player, he says his favorite memory was when he scored the winning goal during the senior night game.

Though he was new to the area and the community, Allan was able to make numerous special relationships with the people in the EC community. He was known for his humorous nature and got along with everyone. One specific relationship that he cherishes is with Mrs. Lindemulder, who teaches Spanish and French.

“Mrs Lindemulder is special to me because she was always available to talk to and very understanding. She’s also a great cook and invited my family over for dinner.” says Allan.

Allan also shares that EC has shaped his faith in Christ in a drastic way than before he was a part of the community. He went to church every Sunday as a Christian before, but after his years at EC, he says, “ I have found a deeper relationship with Jesus rather than just going to church as I’m told”.

Though Allan has graduated from EC, his legacy will always live on through the relationships he made with the teachers and students in the community.


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