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Amanda Faber: Just One Goal

Senior Amanda Faber is excited to start the next chapter in her life as an Exercise Science major at Liberty University. “I have always had a passion for helping other people! It is also so interesting to learn about the body and how everything works together so perfectly,” she said. Amanda, like 24 other seniors, is a ‘lifer’ meaning that she has been at EC since she was in elementary school. Because of this, she feels that, “EC has shaped me in different ways, when I went on a mission trip my eyes were opened and cleared. Having my peers on the trip with me really helped when we got home back to everyday life, I was able to talk to them about things that others wouldn’t understand because of the trip. EC has also shown me to not be scared to share, show, and live my faith.”

Over the years, Amanda has made a lot of memories from playing soccer to being with friends but, “My favorite extracurricular activity at EC was definitely my sophomore soccer season. We had a great season, and the team was just such a fun atmosphere, it was like a little family. I loved how before every game we'd come together before stepping on the field and coming before the Lord. That is something I will really miss after High School.”

For Amanda, “The top thing that I have learned from high school is that not everyone has to like you and not everyone will like you. I always wanted people to like me and was a people pleaser, but then I learned that it’s okay and it isn’t a big deal or the end of the world. If I knew that I didn’t do anything wrong and was being my true self then it has nothing on me.”

Amanda also reflected on the fact that, “My faith has grown a lot, when I was a freshman I was just going through the motions, as the years went on my faith got stronger and I want to continue to strengthen it.” She also said that since her freshman year “I have changed in the best ways, I have grown confidence in myself as well as in my faith. I have been getting better at giving things to God instead of getting anxious or pondering over them like friendships, classes, and God's plan for me.”

As senior year comes to a close, Amanda also reflected on her legacy saying, “I want to be remembered as being a good leader in school as well as on the field. I have always done my best to show love, kindness, and happiness to everyone.”


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