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Amanda Segreto: Striving For Excellence At Every Turn

Amanda Segreto is a senior who always wanted to be remembered as the EC pillar of “Striving for Excellence.” Over the years she has aspired for excellence, whether that be in her own faith, in her academics, or just in school life in general. Amanda has shown that with hard work and dedication many things can be possible. 

Amanda has shared that EC has pushed and shaped her in many ways over her four years here. She says, “EC has truly shaped me into the person that I am now because of the staff and the overall environment. Every teacher has been a blessing in my life by supporting me, challenging me, and praying for me. This school has shaped me into an individual who has a true heart for Jesus Christ and a true love for missionary work.”

Through her time at EC, Amanda has learned many things, not only in academics but also about life. She shares that, “The top thing that I have learned is to have full faith in Jesus Christ in the midst of hardship. High school and life in general, have thrown many challenges at me throughout the last four years. But, with the help of friends and staff at EC, I have learned to stand strong in my faith during the hardest of times.”

As a student, Amanda has not only been pushed and taught, she has also been impacted. One person who has impacted Amanda is one of the language teachers, Mrs. Lindemulder. “Mrs. Lindemulder has made a positive impact on me not only during my entire time at EC but especially my senior year. Last semester, I had her for Spanish 3 and this semester I have her for Spanish 4! Throughout this entire year, she has shown me how to follow Jesus in the hardest of times. Mrs. Lindemulder is a wonderful addition to my life and I have not met someone more in love with Jesus than her. For that, I am forever grateful.”

Amanda Segreto has shown that, through her time at EC she has achieved her legacy as a student. “I want to be remembered as a student who continuously aspired for excellence in every class even if the work seemed impossible. When I took chemistry honors, I felt as if I would never succeed because the mathematics seemed impossible to solve. But I remembered that my hard work always overshadowed the challenges of any class. I want my legacy to be of a student who always embodied the EC pillar of “Strive for Excellence”.  


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