Austin VanderPyl future X-Games champion

Austin has been snowmobiling for 3 years and has a big Gold medal in sights.

Brap! Brap! Brap! Brap! That is the sound of Austin VanderPyl revving his snowmobile as he prepares to climb a massive hill and win the Gold.

Austin Vanderpyl has been snowmobiling for 3 years and said he loves it. He started when he saw his Dad doing it and thought he was so cool so he started to ride with him and fell in love. He started by just doing small rides around the woods and on open lakes and started to fall more and more in love.

After slow rides would not satisfy him,he started to seek bigger things and bigger speeds. He would go on open lakes and try to go as fast as he could, “March 2, on my twin Turbo V12 Ski Doo 1500 hp stock,” he said when asked to recall the fastest he's gone. He stared off for a few minutes recalling the day and then shivered. Now he says he lives by the slogan, “Nothing good happens over 100mph”. After that day, he just wanted to beat people in his competitions. He started to seek out competitions and people to beat. He started to race people he was very close with so there were no hurt feelings.

He says he wants to start his professional career by participating in a hill climb in upstate New York against kids just like him hoping for a career. He has big plans of doing sick nasty tricks on a big stage in front of many people. His dream is competing in the X-Games and twinning the juicy gold medal which he will hang on his mantle until he dies. “To make a lot of money and break my neck attempting a triple back-flip and die a hero,” Austin said when asked about what his Goal was for his career. Autism VanderPyl or Snowmobile AJ as he likes to be called is very excited for his career and can’t wait to show everyone he can do it.


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