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Behind the scenes of a voice acting star

Kayla Erickson, a freshman at EC, is a regular high school student, but behind the scenes, she is also a professional voice actress.

Kayla has been voice-acting ever since she was little, and she has carried that passion throughout her life. It all began when she was watching TV as a little girl. She states, “Whenever my parents played cartoons I was like ‘I want to do that’.” Her parents saw that interest in her, contacted their family friends who were in the business, and not long after, her career began. Her manager began sending her to auditions and eventually, she found herself in a commercial for a hospital. Her next project was Bubble Guppies, in which she was several little fish that appeared in the show. For her, it was a challenge because she explains that “there were 20 of them (fish) and I would have to do the script multiple times in different voices. I would have to go through it over and over again so it was very tedious. I would have to do a lot of work and I would have to make myself sound way younger,” she expressed.

Throughout her career, Kayla has appeared in many productions. She has been in a commercial, several little fish in Bubble Guppies, Pinkalicious in Pinkalicious and Peteriffic, an anime show, and Julie in Most Beautiful Island. Right now, she is taking a little break because of the hiatus for Pinkalicious.

Kayla notes that being a voice actress is hard work and that if someone is pursuing a career in voice acting that you really have to go all in and be serious about it. Kayla expresses “you have to be ready for the commitment because it comes with a lot of sacrifices of extracurriculars.” She goes on to express how much work it can take with editing, producers, directors, setting up zooms, and taking trips. She recalls her favorite moment in her career, which was when she first got to see the first episode of Pinkalicious. She explains “it was magical because it was the first time being booked a job and getting to see the first episode was something I will never forget.”

When asked what she sees for her future, she says, “I want to stay in the industry and continue to do what I am doing now. I love it and am very passionate about it, but I am exploring different forms of art like fine arts, actual painting and drawing, and also every form of art I can get my hands on like directing and producing…I want to allow myself to have all of those experiences and all different mediums and forms.”



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