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Behind the Scenes of Online Chapel

Due to COVID-19 schools are no longer doing work in their building but instead they are working online. Eastern Christian usually has their Chapel service on Wednesdays but because of COVID-19 they can not physically be together and worship together. But the EC Chapel team made a way...“You would think just because we are no longer in school that we wouldn’t have a Chapel, but we came up with a way to still bring you Chapel.” says Stephaine Larguerre.

Every Wednesday EC students and staff receive an email for chapel. In that email it contains a couple songs, a bible verse and a message from the speaker. EC chapel is put together by a couple students in the class, they first pick a theme (could be a request or one that they just pick) then they find 3 songs that would fit with the theme they have chosen and then a verse that also goes with the theme.

A regular chapel takes a lot of work compared to an online chapel. “Online Chapel takes more time to find the music and the sermons to listen to.” says Tyler Dykhouse. “ A lot goes into an online chapel. We take it as serious as if we we are having regular chapel.” says Stephanie.

The EC Chapel team hopes that people see how dedicated they are to making Chapel a thing during this pandemic.


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