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Ben Parker: Building Others By Loving God First

Senior Benjamin Parker will be attending Palm Beach Atlantic and is majoring in Exercise Science. “I am attending Palm Beach Atlantic University. I chose to study Exercise science because I love weight training and teaching athletes how to get stronger and faster and better at sports in general,” he said.

As a lifer, EC has made a big impact on Ben’s life and he has found that, “EC has shaped me into becoming a man who loves those around him and a man who fears God as well. One teacher that has impacted me greatly while at EC is Mr. Kuiken. He taught me how to be a leader and how to love others.”

Ben has made many memories over the years but, “My favorite memory at EC has to be my time I've spent with my friends throughout school. My favorite extracurricular activities were basketball and soccer. I loved both friends groups in both sports, but I had closer friends in soccer.” In addition, Ben is, “most proud of scoring my 1000 points in basketball.”

Over the past four years, Ben’s faith has grown as, “I feel like I have become more personal with God and have learned to share with Him stuff about me. I have learned this from some of my close friends in and out of school.” Ben has also gone through a lot of personal growth as well as spiritual growth, “I have seen my interests change drastically in high school. I used to want to actually play sports but now I would rather help people become better athletes themselves. I also have changed physically in size, since I used to be very skinny freshman year.”

"I used to want to actually play sports but now I would rather help people become better athletes themselves."

Ben is “most thankful for the opportunity to grow as an individual and as a man. The things I have learned from all my relationships with students and teachers have made me who I am today.”

High school has taught Ben a lot but the main thing that he has learned,“is to never be satisfied with who you are.”

As senior year comes to a close, Ben reflects on his legacy saying, “I want to be remembered as someone who loved God and as someone who loved his fellow students. I want to be remembered as the guy who cared for people and who tried to pursue a relationship with others as well.”


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