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Cara Shotmeyer: Memories That Will Never Fade

Whether it be convincing a teacher that there is real chicken in an egg, or helping lead the ever famous baby bank singers; Cara will never forget the memories she made here at EC. She expresses that she is thankful for the memories and experience she had. “I am most thankful for the community at EC and how they have shaped me over the past four years, but also the entirety of my time at EC.”

She shares that, “My all time favorite memory was last December when it snowed overnight and during lunch I wanted to build a snowman. So I ran outside with Grace Kellogg and we built a small snowman. I then thought Mrs. Troast would want to see it. So I carried the snowman through the hallway past the cafeteria where I was stopped by Mr. Verrengia. With the melting snowman in my hands, he asked what was I doing. He then told me to make sure it didn't make a puddle in the hallway. So I quickly ran up the stairs to Mrs. Troast’s room and placed the snowman on her entrance to the courtyard.” 

Cara Shotmeyer has also shared that along with her memories, EC has helped shape her into the person she is today. She says that, “EC has shaped me in more ways than one. I have incredible friends and teachers who challenge me spiritually and mentally. EC has also given me opportunities to be a leader too. EC has provided me with relationships that will endure past graduation.”

Cara has shared that over the years she has made wonderful relationships with teachers and students alike. However, she has shared that certain teachers have impacted her high school career. She mentions that, “Mrs. Troast has made a positive impact on me during my time at EC. She has always been someone I talk to about whatever was going on in my life. She always brought laughter and she always lights up the room wherever she is. Mrs. Troast and her tea/coffee addiction saved me junior year with all the stress of SAT/ACT and AP classes. Mrs. Troast is overall an amazing role model, leader, teacher, servant, and friend who truly cares about her students and loves them incredibly.” 


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