Casting the Love of Fishing

Many people all around the world enjoy going fishing in their free time, but have you ever gone fishing during school? Well Mr. Dykstra has given students that opportunity in the form of a SOAR called Fly Fishing. I asked Luke Anema, a member of the SOAR, what a typical day looks like in the Fl y Fishing SOAR. He answered, “There is never a normal day in Fly Fishing, everyday is different. That is why I like it. Sometimes we go on walks in the forest behind the school, or sometimes we’ll cast fishing rods in the grass. Today was a special day, because we actually got to go fishing in Oldham Pond.”

With last year being SOAR free, students were eager to sign up for SOAR clubs this year. Many of the clubs filled up very quickly, including Fly Fishing. Ryan Dykstra, teacher and leader of the soar, says, “What led me to start the fly fishing SOAR was a discovery of a mutual hobby with several students who have now since graduated. Initially, there were several students who were pursuing fly fishing on their own (it is a notoriously difficult sport to develop without guidance or direction). So in order to improve and to invite others in, we decided to start the unofficial club.”

I asked Luke Anema why he joined the SOAR, and he answered, “When I first saw it, I thought it looked very unique. When I learned some of my friends were doing it, I was excited to join.” He also mentioned that fishing was not necessarily a hobby of his, but after being in the SOAR, he has thought about making it one.

On the topic of hobbies, Mr Dykstra told me that fishing was a hobby of his, however having 3 young children, he hardly finds time to get out and fish. However, the SOAR gives him an enjoyable half-hour period to enjoy this hobby, as well as spread the joy of fishing to the student body. He said, “I have greatly enjoyed the Fly Fishing SOAR these past few years that it has been offered. It has given me a chance to meet a lot of different students that I wouldn't necessarily meet, and also see students in a different setting. It is also nice to get outside during the morning to practice and teach what is a relaxing activity.”


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