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Changing the Playing Field

Last year, the Eastern Christian crowd roared in excitement and anticipation as an EC baseball player stepped to the plate.

This community night game would be the last game that the baseball team would have, as this upcoming year EC and Hawthorne Christian Academy (HCA) will be joining the field as teammates. As a result of both teams lacking the student population to fill out a baseball and softball team, EC and HCA decided it would be best to join forces and compete against other teams in New Jersey. While it still might be difficult for some to believe, the two teams already have their jerseys picked out. To understand more of this alliance, members of both the EC and HCA community were asked about the partnership, the history behind it, and the expectations for the season.

HCA student and baseball player, Jaiden Fuller, voiced his opinions on the matter when asked about how he viewed the partnership, “At first I was a little hesitant and was against the idea. However, I do believe that it could create some good relationships especially since I know some of the guys who are going to be playing. Although it won’t resolve the rivalry it would be cool to take a break from the rivalry and join forces”. This may provide an opportunity to end the rivalries all together as both schools are quite familiar with each other. In such a massive change students also have to adjust to seeing HCA and EC students on the same team.

Students like Jack Skywalker believe it will be an experience that benefits both schools, “I think it will be a rewarding experience even though we are both Christian schools but it will be a great opportunity to learn from each other, coming from the different school environments,” added Jack Skywalker. Like the two Christian schools who grew up together, it is finally a time where both student coaches and the entire school community can possibly embrace each other as not just fellow Christian schools, but brothers in Christ.

This is also the belief and hope of EC’s baseball coach, Max Harvell, as said “I’m excited for the opportunity for both schools to join forces. I believe this merger will allow our team to be more competitive and bridge the gap between our communities. The possibilities are exciting.”

Ultimately Mr. Harvell’s hope for this season is that he sees “A group of young men, sharing in a passion to grow in their personal faith in Jesus Christ, who strives together for excellence on and off the field. And by doing so, bring glory to God and build memories that they will remember for the rest of their life.”


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