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Charles Philips: Breaking Out of His Comfort Zone

Three years ago senior Charles Philips, or more fondly known as Chas, entered Eastern Christian High School (EC) as a sophomore transferring from an all-boys Catholic school that offered him few opportunities to grow as a young man to a much more diverse Christian environment that has challenged him to succeed in every area he partakes in. As a young sophomore, Chas didn’t know what to expect as he entered high school at EC, but throughout the years he acknowledges that EC has played a big part in shaping his Christian walk and who he is as a person today. Now that he's a senior, he’s looking forward to the next chapter in his life at college.

As he looks back on his sophomore year at EC, he recalls being “very antisocial” and feeling awkward when interacting with people. However, now Chas emphasizes that he feels “much more confident and outgoing.” He credits EC for this change as he expressed, “EC made me a better Christian and kind of got me out of my shell. I’m still kind of an introvert, but EC has been such a welcoming community, it has helped me to become more interactive and outgoing.”

He continues to credit EC for his transformation as he reminisced on the extracurricular activities he participated in. He described basketball as really breaking him out of his box: “Basketball, just the group aspect and it was a great way to introduce me to people when I first came here and seeing people come to watch me play just meant the world.”

While EC helped Chas come into his own socially, it has also aided him on his spiritual walk with God. When asked about how his faith improved over the years he’s attended EC, he passionately expressed that it has grown “exponentially.” He remarked, “I went from literally being a ‘Puppet Christian’ to actually wanting to learn about and love God.” Chas also added, “It’s never too late to become passionate about God. He’s always there and wants you to follow him and all you have to do is let him be with you.”

As his high school experience nears an end, Chas is thankful for those he’s encountered in the community at EC. “From the basketball team to my humanities class I really think I’ve made lifelong friends and even if I haven’t, the experiences have been invaluable.” Looking forward to the future Chas states that he wants to be a lawyer. “I don’t know what I’m going to end up majoring in, just whatever can put me on track to being a lawyer”.

Finally, seniors are known for leaving a legacy behind them, but Chas remarks that he doesn’t care about the glitz and glamor of leaving a legacy, but instead he seeks to provide something else, “I don’t care about a legacy, but I want to be an example of how good of a person EC produces.”


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