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David DeVries: Transformative Talent

Four years ago, a skinny, shy, 5’4 freshman, David DeVries, walked onto Eastern Christian High School’s campus. Though he might not have known it then, David’s four years at EC would be some of the most memorable and impactful of any student at the school, and he would transform himself into a staple of Eastern Christian culture.

Despite his stature, David was and is one of the most successful people in the Eastern Christian athletics history. David played sports all 12 seasons at EC, participating in both the soccer and track teams. In soccer, David recounts his fondest memories as, “Winning a community night soccer game on a last minute go ahead goal twice.” However, despite being a multi year starter on the varsity soccer team, it is on the track team where David will leave the biggest impact. David says, “I'm most proud of being the co-captain of the track team since my junior year as it helps me show my leadership and help younger kids grow in their athletic pursuits.” David also got points in three different state events during the 2019-2020 winter track season, and has been described by coach Mr. Apol as “Our most valuable athlete at that meet.”

“Our most valuable athlete at that meet.” - Coach Apol

In addition to athletics, David has also been a tremendously successful student at Eastern Christian. He points Mrs. Troast’s history class was one of his favorites when he says, “Mrs. Troast made a positive impact on me during my time at EC because she made history, a class which I don't like, super fun to be in and was just an extremely fun teacher to have.” David has taken a large number of honors and project acceleration courses in the science, math, language and English departments. He was able to participate in all of this while still maintaining a top 10 GPA in the class and being in a leadership position in the National Honors Society. All of this allowed for David to have a wide variety of options for colleges, “I will be attending Rutgers University - New Brunswick in the fall and I'm planning on majoring in marketing because it allows me to work with numbers along with using my creative side.”


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