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David Visser - Unique Hobbies

David Visser has a furnace in his house. In his free time, David and his brother, Peter, enjoy being a blacksmith in their own backyard. Together, many great pieces of works were born out of their creative hands: a medieval sword, a potato cannon, a short-distance fighting knife, and more. Despite being a more quiet and reserved person in school, David Visser has many unique hobbies that are yet to be discovered by others.

David Visser ECHS 2020 Seniors Spotlight

Currently as a graduating senior in ECHS, David does not know what his major in college will be yet. However, he is considering engineering. During his four years at EC, David has excelled in many advanced math and science classes. He is also a proud member of the EC Robotics Club. “I really enjoyed building robots for our competitions and I think I would enjoy doing similar work to this,” says David

Other than his hobby of blacksmithing in his backyard, David is also invested in a couple other unique habits. One of them is cubing, or solving Rubik’s cubes. He has even gone to a few competitions, definitely something he spent a lot of time practicing. He also has a fish tank in his house.

David’s favorite extracurricular activity is to be a part of the Cross Country team. He recounts the memory of going to Camp Shiloh with Mr. Apol and the Cross Country team at the end of one summer. As a team, they had an incredible experience hiking, climbing the rock wall, and completing the ropes course. It was not only an incredible experience but also an amazing opportunity to build lasting relationships with his teammates.

Through his four years of high school career, David learned not to trust everything he heard, but to be skeptical and to think critically about what is true. He developed great interest in reading news about what’s happening in this country as well as the rest of the world. Through this process, he has become an informed citizen and learned to form his opinion on important contemporary issues.

“The thing I am most grateful for in high school is my teachers. I like that teachers genuinely care about their students and want them to do well,” David adds.


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