Dear Underclassmen, From the Class of 2022

“High school is often a really uncomfortable time for people but if you make an effort to be a person that you want to be, and like just the way you want to, do your hair the way you want, your makeup the way you want, do the things you want done and it will be an a lot more comfortable experiences for you than if you just went along with the crowd and were a follower.”

-Macey-Kate Davis

“Realtime is your friend.”

-Sean Post

“Well, I think you should have fun but at the same time focus on your grades and stop procrastinating because every grade counts, especially since it's high school.”

-Alicia Ulaikere

“Just enjoy it. Have fun with your friends, try not to be stressed out this whole time.”

-Ben Visbeen

“Don’t worry about what you can’t control. The simple stuff ends up being the most precious, you’ll remember more than you think, so just appreciate what you have in front of you. You got this.”

-Ruby La Bianca

“Don’t worry about the stuff that sucks now. You will laugh about it in a week.”

-Isabel Dennis

“Learn how to balance life outside of school and in school: have fun, don't be drowned in school work, have a social life.”

-Jared Rivas

“I never believed that high school would pass in the blink of an eye, but it did. Cherish every memory that you have, no matter how stupid or idiotic, as you’re gonna end up holding it close to you after school.”

-Daniella Fernino