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Destiny Tejada: A Blessing To All

Destiny Tejada has been a great blessing to those at EC. Through her kind heart and positive spirit she has touched the lives of students and teachers alike. She has not only been a blessing to EC, but EC has been a blessing to her as well. 

One of the ways she has been blessed is through the memories she was able to share with her friends and classmates. She shares that, “My favorite memories during EC were after school, when my friends and I would have fun and chill together. Since many of us didn’t really have classes together, after school we would all hang out either in the front or in the gym and those moments will always be remembered. We would just do random things like dancing or playing games, or just simply talking, but no matter what we did, it was always fun.” 

EC not only blessed her but has helped her grow in her faith, throughout her years here. “My faith has grown immensely over these past four years. During freshman year my faith was not strong at all, sophomore year got worse, it was really during my junior year where my faith has grown and I really grew closer to God. EC is something that has helped me grow in my faith and for that I am thankful for.” 

Through her four years here she has learned many things that will help her through her walk of life. “One top thing that I have learned is to trust God always. As we continue to grow up there are a lot of things that happen and we don’t always know why but it's important to remember that God does everything with a purpose and for our good. Even though, in the moment it may be hard to believe, we just have to continue to trust in what God is doing within us.”

Destiny has left a legacy of blessings. She has made her legacy come true and has touched the lives of those around her. “I want to be remembered as a blessing to everyone I have come in contact with during my years at EC.”


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