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DREAM WØRLD: a passion turned into reality

DREAM WØRLD, a new business as well as an Instagram account (@dreamworld.crew), is run by senior Christopher Pico who decided to create a company based off of a newfound passion.

“I got the idea early this year. I excelled at graphic design and making digital art. So this led to making new connections and putting a label on what I love to do.”

But What is DREAM WØRLD?

DREAM WØRLD is a multimedia company that works with musicians. They create album/single covers, promotional posters and merchandise. Chris has built a team from musicians and other artists in the New York and New Jersey area. His initial business partner was Joshua Ash, a local rapper. Once he began working with him, Chris continued to make more and more contacts which led to additional work. Many of these artists ultimately joined the DREAM WØRLD team after Chris worked with them to create their own covers. In addition, they have photographers, videographers and producers that contribute to what they do.

But Why Create DREAM WØRLD?

Chris created the company “To make some money based on what I love to do! It is so much fun to make new connections in the music/business world. As well as seeing your work on different platforms on other people's devices. It's very fulfilling to see your work in the real world.” Much like its name, Chris designed the company with the goal to be “different and unique.” The inspiration behind the name DREAM WØRLD comes from the fact that “media is all around us. We are surrounded by images and designs that persuade the way we think. From the logo on the back of your shirt you are wearing to an ad on the side of the road. Design is all around us, so let’s create designs to uplift and inspire.”

Navigating the Dream

As DREAM WØRLD launched a few months ago, “It's not that profitable because things, such as studio time, certain application and other minor expenses, cost money.” However, they are already gaining a following. “At first I was approaching people but now people are approaching me, which is very cool and it goes hand in hand with making connections.”

“At first I was approaching people but now people are approaching me, which is very cool and it goes hand in hand with making connections.”

Although Chris is very passionate about his business, running it can be a lot of hard work. “I’ve learned how to balance ambition and patience because sometimes ambition can lead to fast-paced decisions and disappointment when things don't happen quickly.” In spite of the challenges of running a business, Chris is not discouraged. In fact, quite the opposite, he is willing to put in the effort and strives to “keep creating, stay positive, and change the way people see things.”

Furthering the Dream

At the moment, there are a number of exciting upcoming projects. DREAM WØRLD has a forthcoming website as well as new music in addition to murals in Mexico, Prospect Park, and North Haledon. Chris cannot contain his excitement about all that is to come, “myself and the artists involved are all very passionate and ready to do big things with DREAM WØRLD.” In the not-so-distant future, their goal is to host a promotional studio event that will not only take their business to the next level but will help them to achieve their own DREAM WØRLD.


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