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Eagle Scout Project Impacts Community

On September 21st, 2019, I finished my Eagle Scout Project, which is a project that benefits the local community. This was the culmination of many months of research, work, and implementation, all while balancing my very active lifestyle and schoolwork.

My project is a bike repair station, which has tools attached to it on the inside. There is also an air pump attached to the side of the station. There is also a rack on the top where someone’s bike can be placed while they fix it. Lastly, there is a QR code on the station which helps people learn how to fix their bike. Surrounding the station is mulch at least 4” thick and in each corner are one large and two smaller perennial bushes. My love for bike riding, as well as a bike path being built through Pequannock Township, my home town, was what inspired me to choose this as my Eagle Project. Having completed it, I will be able to earn the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank in Boy Scouts, earned by only about 5% of those in the program.

This project took a lot of planning and work on my part to bring it to fruition. I had met with my Town Manager many times and worked with him for nearly a year before the project was finished. I worked with other people in my town, with leaders of Morris County, and with the Boy Scouts, all who had their own opinion on what my project should be. The project was altered many times until it took its final form just days before it was carried out. To spread the word about my project idea, I presented it at a town meeting to the Town Council. I also created a GoFundMe, which managed to raise about $1,300.

After much planning and revision, all while trying to finish up the remaining requirements for Eagle Scout, the day of my project arrived. I arrived at the site early on that sunny morning. The concrete slab had been poured by the town already and there was a massive pile of mulch that we would use that was given by the town. As the volunteers arrived, we started work. About 20 people showed up to help. I created teams for the planting of the bushes, the spreading of the mulch, and the installation of the bike repair station itself. I was nervous that something would go wrong or that I would forget something important. As I directed each team, I remained calm and confident, having knowledge of all measurements and where everything should go. Fortunately, the installation of the project went very well and we finished after four hours of work. I felt accomplished, yet relieved, after it was done.

The project will have long-lasting benefits for the community. It helps increase support for the bike path being built through my town, as well as encouraging people to ride their bikes. If someone’s bike breaks down, this station will enable them to fix it quickly through its many features. This project was the last requirement to become an Eagle Scout. To earn the rank, a Scout has to earn the rank of Life Scout, the second-highest rank. They also have to earn 13 required merit badges and 8 optional merit badges. Being active in a troop and serving in a leadership position for 6 months is also required. All of this must be finished before the Scout’s 18th birthday when they age out of the program. I think earning the rank of Eagle Scout is very challenging, but doable.


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