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Eastern Christian boys varsity soccer off to great start this Season

Boys varsity soccer team (2021)

Smart, strong, together. The Eastern Christian varsity soccer team is off to a commanding start to their season. Their teamwork has shown through in wins and in losses throughout the first five games of the season, resulting in a current record of 4-5. The seniors are proving to be great leaders through actions and words of encouragement.

EC soccer has shown that they are willing to compete and win together as a team.

Senior Jack Veenama says, “Our teamwork could be a result of many things, but I think because we are such good friends and we have known each other for so long, it reflects on the field.”

The team plays their best when the players are having fun, and the chemistry is on point. As long as the team works together and doesn’t get down on themselves and others, this team can, and will win games. As long as the team plays as one, having a winning season is possible.

This year’s defense is an integral part of the success moving forward for the team. Our defense, composed of Caleb Troast, Nick Toressi, Michael Cook, and Danny Emmick keep goals to a minimum and really understand the game and how to play. They hold the team together and as they say, defense is the best offense. In Practices, the team really works the defense into the offense. “It is really integral to have a strong defense if you want to win games moving forward,” says Danny Emmick.

Upperclassmen are showing their experience and leadership and really giving the underclassmen a good example of how to play. The upperclassmen are also having a good senior year, you can see it in their expressions and actions are having a fun year. Seniors Jake faasse, Jack Veenama, Joe Vivvolo, Jayson Farraye, Zach Devries, Evan Hopeck, Danny Lazor, and Danny Emmick are on the squad this year, comprising almost half the team. The Seniors are showing their experience in games and practice and are stepping up for the team.

Senior Jake Faasse says, “ Upperclassmen are really showing the younger players how to compete, focus, and play as a team. Everyone has their own skill set, and when they all are playing 100%, we are going to win games.”


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