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EC vs. HCA: Rivals Join Forces in Baseball

During the 2020 spring season, there will be some significant changes to our baseball and softball teams. You will recognize that our EC boys baseball team are wearing HCA uniforms, and playing at the HCA baseball field. This is because our EC baseball/softball has joined with the HCA baseball/softball teams. Yes, that’s right HCA and EC are joining forces.

This upcoming spring season, EC and HCA are joining forces and playing together as one team. HCA known to many as one of EC’s largest rivals is now someone EC students will be rooting for during baseball games. This change was something that was thought about a lot and both schools believe this will be best for their program.

The idea to join teams was brought up by EC, specifically our Athletic Director, Mr. Veenstra. In an interview with Mr. Veenstra several questions were asked in regards to many questions that students, parents, and community members may have. When asked how change came about, Mr. Veenstra said, “Co-op teams are becoming more and more popular in North Jersey, especially in smaller schools. So it became an idea of mine, to allow EC to continue programs that had low participation levels.” HCA also has not had enough athletes to field a softball team in a couple years and could possibly have a low turnout rate for baseball. Low participation was the main reason for this combining of our baseball/softball teams for both schools.

Many people have questions regarding this partnership, since these are two different schools, how will this work. The baseball team will practice at the HCA baseball field, as well as play their home games there. The softball team will practice at EC’s field and play their home games at EC’s field. Another commonly asked question is what will the uniforms look like for the baseball and softball teams. The baseball team will wear the HCA uniforms and the softball team will wear the EC uniforms.

The reaction throughout the community has been positive for the most part. Parents are excited that their child will be able to play on the team instead of the school not having one. Others worry it will take the rivalry spirit away from both schools. In particular, the basketball teams during the Christmas tournament. Mr. Veenstra believes it will only make our rivalry bigger during the Christmas tournament. Players from EC and HCA will see their teammates from the baseball season during this Christmas tournament, and it will only add to the tension. It will make players try and outdo their baseball teammates but also try and help their school win.

Mr. Veenstra adds, “We at EC believe the joining of our baseball/softball teams with HCA is an experiment worth trying, and will benefit both teams.”


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