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EC Serves Community in Creative Ways

Imagine being a part of something bigger than yourself; something that not only benefits your interest but something that contributes to your school and community. At EC there are several clubs, classes and organizations that students can participate in that give them the opportunity to express themselves and still serve the community.

The Art Club is one of the many clubs and organizations at EC that are clocking in some community service hours.They are currently working on several murals within North Haledon. One is a mural of Van Gogh's “Iris” for EC’s courtyard, which was started last year during the annual service day that the school hosts. When asked what project was the most significant to the Art Club the team answered undertaking the outdoor mural for North Haledon. This wall behind the recreation center was presented to the Art Club by Councilman George Pomniek. “It's by far the largest that we've done and although it's going through design changes, the town has asked for a patriotic theme. While many students have offered input, Brook and Carina have primarily prepared the designs. Ideally, we'll get design approval this semester and knock out the mural as soon as we get warm weather next semester,” said Mr.Wright, head of Art Club.

Another program that is giving back to the community is the school’s music programs. Orchestra, band and choir take part in an annual performance at Barnes and Noble where people are free to come and enjoy the seasonal melodies that come from the music department. EC’s music ensembles are well known in the surrounding area and to their alumni and those in the Christian community. The program’s presence on EC’s social media accounts and their off campus performances are seen by believers and non-believers alike. When asked about the purpose of giving back to the community through music, Dr.Yoder, director of concert and honors choir, responded by quoting Mark 10:45,“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

A class that is also involved in service is EC’s journalism group.The journalism class writes articles that go out to approximately 1,000 receivers within the Haledon area. Many articles are distributed to local churches and schools.By writing to such a large group of people who know of EC’s Christian roots, it provides an opportunity to share God’s word. By serving the community, the class is essentially serving God, which interconnects with the school’s core values.

Service is the heart of EC, and there are certain core values that keep students and faculty grounded, with service being one.“As Christians, we are called to do life together. Not just with each other, but with nonbeliever’s as well,” said Dr.Yoder.


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