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EC will give you wings

High school Senior, Rand Fang, has been training for half a semester to prepare for an internship offered through EC’s WINGS program. The training has been vigorous, as Rand has been preparing to enter into a lab at Valley Hospital which will help him reach his ultimate goal of becoming a surgeon.

The ECHS WINGS program is a program that allows juniors and seniors to intern with a professional in any workfield that they plan to enter after high school or college. This program, according to college and career director, Mr. Struck, “is really great for colleges to see on your transcript, and they are often impressed with these internships.”

Alisa Engelhard runs the program and loves to connect students with professionals for potential internship opportunities. There are currently 20 people in this unique–to–EC program. Some students have used their own connections to enter into an internship, but many seek guidance from Mrs. Engelhard.

Some of EC’s current WINGS program participants are Laurel Vander Pyl, Rand, and Brent Van Harken.

Laurel is currently interning at Eastern Christian’s preschool as a teacher’s assistant. She says, “I definitely would say this program allowed me to grow in my faith because of the Christ-centered songs they sing and it allows me to be a positive role model for kids. This allows me to be more accountable in my faith.”

Brent, meanwhile, is interning at Century Air as a ground support employee. He says, “I learned about the different types of planes and how they work, as well as how an airport functions.” Brent frequently talks to experienced pilots as well as airport employees, which allows him to understand the field of aviation he will soon be entering into.

These three students are some of 20 students participating in the WINGS program this year. There are some students who will be interning next semester with an Orthodox priest, a park ranger, a veterinarian–and the list goes on. The WINGS Program is a part of what makes ECHS a unique and cultivating school; preparing students for their futures on a larger scale. The program allows for students to go out into the world as a light in whatever field they are interested in. WINGS also helps students decide on exactly what they want to do and have confidence in their decision. When Rand was asked if the WINGS Program has enhanced his confidence in his decision of his future career, Rand said, “Yes, I’m much more confident. I’m ready for this job.”



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