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Edward Park's Insight on Swimming and how EC Impacted his Life

Edward stretched out behind his block getting ready for his race, knowing exactly how he was going to swim the race. With so much experience, he knew when to speed up and how to swim an efficient race. Edward Park, a former student at EC, now attends Bucknell University. He went not only to pursue his academic career but also his swimming career. Having started swimming at a young age, Park followed his passion and continues to do so. When talking about EC’s impact on his life, Park said, “It helped me be more outspoken about my religion and be more confident in it.” He really appreciated the private education he got the opportunity to experience. In regards to swimming, Park said,

“Swimming has helped me express my athletic abilities and use my energy for something positive and helpful.”

It influenced him for the better and helped him channel all his energy and emotions for a better good. He used it to fuel and motivate the swims he raced.

As his swim career continues, he admits there were many wins, losses, and obstacles that he had to overcome. “Winning the 500 free at JOs for the 13-14 age group.” was one of his most memorable moments. The 500 freestyle consists of twenty laps in a pool that is 25 yards in length. The Junior Olympics is a swim meet that calls for qualification times. It stands for Junior Olympics which is a meet for swimmers to come from all over the state to attend for great placements.

Winning the 500 free for Edward was a very big moment that really kicked off his career that only went up from there. With wins such as the 500 free victory, he faced many physical and mental obstacles. “Mental blocks in certain events like the 200 free and I haven’t gotten over them yet but wish to while swimming in college,” expressed Park, The 200 freestyle consists of 8 laps in which the swimmer races with his fellow competitors to get their hand on the wall first to win. Edward admits that he still has not gotten over that mental block that shows that there is a lot of room for improvement. He shows that swimming is very physical but more importantly it all comes down to dedication. “EC really helped me be confident in my religion and swimming confidence.”


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