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Eileen Lee: Following God's Steps

Everyone around the world has vastly different values.

Through her experience at Eastern Christian, Eileen Lee learned to accept differences and love without judgment.

Eileen transferred to Eastern Christian High School from a public school during her sophomore year. She graduated in 2019 and is currently attending Boston University majoring in advertising.

Some moments Eileen remembers are from the classes. From a hot pot day in Calculus to having debates and conversations in Humanities, the academic experience at Eastern Christian was a major part in her Eastern Christian legacy.

A special memory Eileen has with a teacher was when she was applying to colleges during her senior year. She remembers Mrs. Genuario being supportive of her application process and leaving encouragement on her journalism documents.

“It was really encouraging knowing that there was a teacher who was rooting for me and my future,” Eileen reminisces.

Eileen’s experience at Eastern Christian was far more than just the academic aspect. Her faith has grown tremendously outside of going to church every Sunday. She made strong connections and relationships with people who shared the same core values as her.

However, it taught her to treat everyone with the utmost kindness and care regardless of how different their values may be to hers. It taught her to love without judgment and humbled her in a way where everything in her life was a part of something way bigger than just herself.


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