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Elise Reitsma - Always Persevere

From a very young age, Elise always had a passion to work with animals. Recently, she has just committed to study biology at SUNY New Paltz.

Elise Reitsma ECHS 2020 Seniors Spotlight

To people who don’t know her, Elise is a more reserved and quiet person. But compared to freshman year, she has become a much more confident and self-assured person. Elise is thankful for how high school has led her to be a more mature and better person.

Cross country was Elise’s favorite extracurricular activity in high school. She describes cross country as a “blessing’‘ for all the unbelievable friends she has made throughout the years. Cross country has greatly challenged her, making her accomplish more than her initial expectations.

Elise also explains that her legacy at EC exists in the lasting relationships she has made with teachers, underclassmen friends, and fellow seniors. She has also learned to trust God even in uncertainty.

At last, Elise shared the most valuable thing she learned in high school, “Always persevere. No matter what.”


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