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ECHS Faculty Under Quarantine

Following a meeting held by the North Haledon and Passaic County Boards of Health, Eastern Christian High School faculty members were told that if they were around teacher Jessie Wright that they would have to be in self quarantine for fourteen days.

This is how some ECHS faculty members are doing in self quarantine.

High school art teacher Donna Aceino is one of the faculty members in a two-week self quarantine. While she does not believe that she has the virus, it is a possibility that she could be carrying it. Due to quarantine and online school, teaching remotely and grading papers have become her new norm. In addition to her new daily routine, Mrs. Aceino has found more time for reading, spending time with her husband (who was also under quarantine) and going for walks (where they made sure to stay more than 6-feet away from others). Mrs. Aceino has been able enjoy extra cooking, gardening and working on her art.

High school Principal David Intelkofer has been in self-quarantine since last week. While Mr. Intelkofer has not had symptoms, the virus isn’t completely off his mind. “Of course, like most people I have an underlying worry that I might have been exposed to the virus, but I try not to dwell on it. It’s simply impossible to eliminate all risk, so I’m doing what I can to stay socially distant and making sure that I do my part in not spreading the virus. It requires some personal sacrifice, but I think it’s definitely worth limiting my freedom a little in order to increase someone else’s chances of staying healthy,” he said. For Mr. I, he is finding that there are a lot of things that he still has time for. Even though doing yoga in the mornings isn’t something new to Mr. I, as he started a month ago, he finds that it is helping him during quarantine. He has also been able to read books and spend more time with his wife and son. “Having my son at home has helped me think of “recess” time and getting outdoors. We do things as a family, like go for walks, bike ride, hammer stuff together in the garage, etc. It’s helped me to take some short breaks in the day where I can clear my mind, get some fresh air, and exercise. I highly recommend it!”

High school yearbook and journalism teacher Leah Genuario also shared how she has been dealing with the worry of being in self quarantine, “Yes, it’s hard not to worry. I have spent a lot more time in prayer and it is helpful to reach out to others when life gets tough. I am grateful for such incredible co-workers. They have been such a wonderful support.” Although she is also not experiencing symptoms, she has taken her self-quarantine very seriously, “Even before knowing about an exposure, I have not gone anywhere since the last day of school (with the exception of the faculty meeting on Monday). I have taken seriously the call to stay home. Groceries are getting delivered.” Mrs. Genuario has also been enjoying her ‘free time’ now that she has online classes, “I am able to have longer devotions in the morning, so that has been very nice. I also have appreciated more time outside. My garden is going to look great this year! It has also been nice to connect with my family.”

What the CDC Says

Whether or not a person is in self-quarantine, all individuals must take steps to protect themselves and others. According to the CDC, the best way to prevent spreading COVID-19 is to wash your hands as often as you can. The CDC also recommends that you stay away from groups of people and that if you are sick, that you stay home. CDC also says that if you are sick that you should stay home and try to isolate yourself from anyone that you might be living with. The CDC recommends that you cover your cough or sneeze as well as wear a face mask to prevent spreading something to another person.


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