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FINDING GOD: Keith Osae-Twum "The God Who Hears"

Keith Osae-Twum

Keith Osae-Twum opened his sleepy eyes to a new morning, the sun peeking its rays across the walls of his room. Like he did almost every morning, he pushed aside his tiredness and began to talk to Jesus. He opened his Bible to Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future,” as he read the sweet words he remembered the first time this verse touched him in a profound and real way.

Although Keith had grown up in a Christian environment and Bible oriented atmosphere, he came to know Jesus deeply as his comfort in times of trouble. Keith was only in elementary school when his grandpa passed away suddenly, leaving him confused and angry at God. However, God was present in his grieving.

“When my grandpa passed away I was angry at God and then He showed me through the Bible verses that comforted me,” said Keith. “Even though I never understood why He took my grandpa away, he still has a plan. I know that everything happens for a reason.”

Looking back on his testimony Keith reflects, “I had to trust in Him because He is the only one who can fill the hole inside me. Everyone has a hole inside of them and God is the only one who can fill it.”

When asked how he has grown in Jesus since, Keith answers, “I have grown because now I have a personal relationship with God, I have personal conversations with Him. I talk to Him throughout the day like a friend.”

Keith reflected, “What I would say to my younger self now is no matter what, just trust in God and stay on His path. If you fall short, then immediately come back to Him and ask for forgiveness and ask to continue on His path.”

When asked what spiritual encouragement he would give to Eastern Christian students, Keith said, “You have to read His Word. You have to talk to Him at your own time. There shouldn’t be any noise, God hears you in the stillness and quiet.”


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