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FINDING GOD: Tehillah Mwenya "the God who reaches out"

Spontaneous worship swept through the packed audience of young, Christian students and Tehillah Mwenya stood in silent awe, soaking in the worship and praising God all at once. Having never heard spontaneous worship before she felt overcome with a feeling she had never known. All at once she felt closer to heaven than she first thought possible. Standing in front of the altar of her very first youth convention, tears streaming down her face, Tehillah said to herself, “This isn’t just my parents faith anymore. I want this for myself.”

Tehillah Mwenya

Tehillah first accepted Jesus while sitting on her bed when she was 4 years old after growing up in church, reading the Bible, memorizing scripture and singing the worship songs. However, her faith first became her own after having a powerful encounter with Jesus at her very first youth conference. “I wasn’t even supposed to be at the youth convention,” Tehillah said, “it was totally God because I didn’t have money to go, but they did a raffle and I won when I didn’t even put my name in. So I got to go for free! I wasn’t really expecting anything, I was just excited because my friends were going. Then they started playing hype worship music and I was like ‘this is gonna be fun!’ but then the pastor started speaking and when the night session came I never cried so much in my life.”

Tehillah reflected, “It was the first time I experienced Holy Spirit led worship. We were all just listening and silent and that was when it hit me how beautiful He [Jesus] was. Because I’m musical, I felt like that is the way God reached me. Now, whenever I worship I’m just transported back to that place.”

Regarding her spiritual growth since salvation Tehillah said, “I’ve been through it, mental health and otherwise. I still have my things I have to work out, but I am really proud of where I am right now. Something that I needed to remind myself of is that God won’t give me more than I can handle. When I’m feeling super overwhelmed, I just have to say to myself, ‘Well, I must be able to handle this because He gave it to me.’ Looking back sometimes I almost couldn’t handle it, or I underestimated myself but no, He knows exactly what my breaking point is and He knows just how much to give me,” Tehillah said, “I’ve been close to God before, but now I’m really sticking with this, good times and bad you know? This is gonna last.”

Tehillah then said, giving encouragement to EC students, “Don’t let your faith in God be a spiritual high. I’ve let my faith be a high so many times and if it's not supported it will come right back down until you’re just like ‘what now?’ Surround yourself with people who will carry you in that journey, and literally, even if I don’t know you, reach out to me. I don’t want other people to go through the highs and lows alone.”


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