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Freshmen girls dominate in varsity soccer

The lights shone across the field and the player's cleats dug into the grass as they were warming up for their game. The wind brushed across their faces, giving them a sense of the frosty air. Behind them was the roaring audience cheering in the bleachers. As the freshmen were being introduced over the microphone, the crowd started cheering louder, beginning to lift the team's spirits.

On this year's EC girls soccer team, the new freshmen have become a significant part of the team and continue to contribute to guiding the team to victory.

On this year's girl's soccer team, the freshmen players are Charlotte Ohnegian, Caroline Pringle, Hannah Leegwater, and Brielle Heerema. Charlotte Ohnegian, a wing, has come to love soccer since the age of 4. Due to this new team, she has had the opportunity to meet upperclassmen and create relationships with them. Attacking center mid, Caroline Pringle is extremely happy that she has to be on a great team with good chemistry. Hannah Leegwater, the goalie, also said that it was good to have a fun group of friends before school started. She is glad that she is able to have a solid group of support. Outside back, Brielle Heerema said, "I am glad to have more chances to connect and bond with more people."

Goals have become a significant part of the season, not just soccer goals, but long-term goals. In this season, Brielle hopes to achieve becoming a forward, and not just a defensive player. Caroline would like to be an impactful player on the team and possibly become a professional player. As a goalie, Hannah aims to learn how to dive and become a better player by growing through learning new things.

The transition from middle school soccer to high school soccer has been different for all the players. For Hannah, this year is fierce as the competition has become tougher. Also, for Hannah, middle school soccer was easier and not as intense as high school. For some, including Caroline, it is a difficult transition due to not having enough time. Balancing soccer, school work, eating, and more, it can be difficult to finish it all in time. On the other hand, the transition for Charlotte and Brielle was not as challenging. The girls are looking forward to a great season, and are excited to challenge themselves with new opportunities. As Charlotte said, "Live, love, soccer, repeat."



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