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Going Back to our Roots: The EC Alumni Chapel of 2021-2022

Alumni attendees

On November 23, 2021, 75 alumni entered the building once again for the annual Alumni Chapel held at Eastern Christian High School. Many had not seen the building since the lockdown in March 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic. Some were returning after one semester at college. Some were returning from five years away from the school. However, one thing was clear from the very start of that day … EC had not lost its community since the pandemic.

Alumni participants in prayer

“We really didn't know what to expect since this is the first event after COVID. In the past, I would say we turned in maybe 25 people and as high as maybe in the forties but it's never been really tracked before because we never had to do pre-registration before. This year we had 75 attendees,” replied Mrs. Genuario, coordinator of the EC Alumni Chapel.

To incorporate 75 attendees, Mrs. Genurario had a lot on her plate this year with coordinating this special event. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, “...we needed to ensure that both populations, student and alumni, that they were completely separated. Those were the main considerations. That takes a lot of coordination with a lot of different people,” Mrs. Genuario added. Along with that, additional COVID screenings and pre-registration was required for all alumni students participating in the event.

The event itself was organized by the Bible and Worship team led by Ms. Arenada.

During the event, the alumni were seated in the auditorium, heard the worship band comprised of alumni, while the students were seated separately in their classrooms, and heard alumni. Emmanuel Dyer and Becky Oritz (Parker). Both explored deeper into our spiritual theme this year, “Rooted in Christ.” Dan Ranville, the main speaker for this event, had a mini-sermon talking about his experience at Eastern Christian and the importance of being rooted in Christ.

Congregating before chapel

At the end of chapel, the alumni were guided into the cafeteria for an afterparty. Mrs. Genuario was the coordinator of this, too. She commented on their activities: “[Our afterparty] included breakfast sandwiches, pastries, coffee and then we played alumni trivia. Then the teachers were invited after school to join that.”

When asked to comment on his experiences at the Alumni Chapel, Aidan Sehulster, class of 2021, replied, “It was a nice time to catch up with people. It was a nice opportunity to see teachers, friends, and everyone else again and reconnect with people who I normally wouldn’t see outside of school.”


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