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Hiking Trail Review

Going hiking was one of the few activities people could do at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, and even now as places open up and shut down as cases change one place everyone can go is Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve. The preserve has two main trails One that makes a complete circle around the lake and one that has bridges that take you across some areas of the lake. The trail that goes around the water seemed to be a little bit longer than the bridge trail. On the Lake Side trail (That is just what I call it). Hikers can expect a mostly even trail with some of the hike through the quiet woods and on other parts of the trail on the edge of the clear water. On the other hand the Bridges path is almost completely even terrain with a few roots sticking out of the ground. The Bridges path takes you through the lake where you can expect to see some great views of the water and the woods surrounding it. Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve is a great place to start for beginning hikers, or a great place for anyone who just wants to get away from their computers and have a relaxing walk through nature. For the Lake Side trail I would give it a difficulty rating of 3.5 there are some spots where you might twist an ankle if you're not careful, but overall it is easy. The Bridge trail I found to be even easier than the Lakeside I would give it a difficulty rating of 3. Overall Just about anyone can enjoy the Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve and for a total grade I would give it a 7.8 making it a great place to spend a part of your day.


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