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In light of CFO vacancy, Mr. Dykhouse shares journey to EC

Guy Carpenter & Company, LLC, described as a “leading global risk and reinsurance specialist” on its company page, is where Mr. Tom Dykhouse worked prior to his career as the Head of the School at Eastern Christian school. As a senior executive, he was a part of a vibrant community of more than 2,300 professionals in 50 offices around the world. His office was located in the World Trade Center where the notorious September 11 attack took place.

Remarkably, Mr. Dykhouse happened to depart the United States for a business meeting in Europe a few days before 9/11. Mr. Dykhouse was in Monaco with other executives when the attack took place. “When I heard the news that a plane hit the building [World Trade Center], I simply didn’t believe it or take it as anything important,” described Mr. Dykhouse as he recalls what happened that day of the attack.

Since there were always small airplanes flying by the buildings of the World Trade Center, the first thought that came into Mr. Dykhouse’s mind was that one of those planes has accidentally crashed into the building. it was only when the second plane crashed that he realized his nation was under attack.

On the day of September 11, Mr. Dykhouse lost 295 of his beloved colleagues. To this day, he still keeps a nicely-designed pamphlet with the names of all his colleagues that lost their lives. “Looking at the deaths of so many of my colleagues, including some of my closest friends, I sometimes wonder why not me? Why did I survive? I could have easily been in that building when the attack took place.” This was a difficult time for Mr. Dykhouse where not all questions got an answer. The event of September 11 significantly challenged Mr. Dykhouse’s worldview. Certain things that were deemed important suddenly became less of a priority after the attack. Things that were sometimes deemed as not so important suddenly became important, such as relationships with friends and family.

“Looking at the deaths of so many of my colleagues, including some of my closest friends, I sometimes wonder why not me? Why did I survive? I could have easily been in that building when the attack took place.”

“The only good answer I have that explains why I was not there on the day of the attack is that God had a greater plan for my life, and he made the choice that I would not be there that day. I could have easily been injured or killed,” explains Mr. Dykhouse. A few years after the attack, he left Guy Carpenter and started working for EC, not because he no longer enjoyed working in the insurance field, but because he felt that God called him to do something different. Today, Mr. Dykhouse not only is the Head of the School at EC but also serves as a board member in nonprofit organizations such as the Christian Health Care Center in Wyckoff, NJ and Christian Schools International. He deeply enjoys and loves the work.

“Working for nonprofit organizations is a very satisfying experience. You know that you are working towards a mission. The work has a generational impact that changes the lives of many,” he says.

Eastern Christians School needs the support of several business professionals in order to thrive. Currently, the position of a Chief Financial Officer is vacant. The school is actively searching for someone that can take up the job. When talking about the potential qualification of the Chief Financial Executive at Eastern Christian School, Mr. Dykhouse explained, “Though it is important that we have someone that had professional experiences serving as a top financial executive, at the same time, we look up to the ones that share a similar mission as us.”

If you are an experienced financial executive with a heart for ministry, you are highly encouraged to seek out this opportunity and join the experience of creating generational impact and changing many lives. “The ideal candidate should be a combination of both: someone who is professionally ready and someone with a kingdom mindset,” says Mr. Dykhouse.


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