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In-School vs. Remote

COVID-19 has affected the whole world in 2020. Schools worldwide were forced to shut down and go remote learning. Eastern Christian High School was also forced to go remote last semester. However, the students were given a choice to do in-school learning or remote learning this semester.

Senior James Klas chose to do in-school learning at the beginning of the year, but eventually decided to switch to remote learning. He was one of the only people to experience both types of learning this semester.

Q: “How was being in-school on the first day of school?”

James: “It was ok. It was good to see my friends at lunch. The rest of the time it was really hot and hard to focus.”

Q: “What were some factors that led to you choosing in-school learning at first?”

James: “I wanted to see my friends and get to see people again.”

Before the school year started, James was looking forward to seeing his friends again after COVID-19 broke out. However, he eventually changed his mind and decided to switch to remote learning.

James's Remote Learning Setup

Q: “What changed your mind to switch to remote learning?”

James: “I did not feel comfortable with the way some (things) were handled.”

As one of the only students to experience both types of learning this semester, he has noticed some pros and cons for both types.

Q: “What are the pros and cons of remote learning?”

James- “I get to sleep in (and) the teachers are doing a very good job. At (times) it can be hard to focus (on school work).”

Q: “What are the pros and cons of in-school learning?”

James- “I got to see people and get an in-classroom experience. (But) it was very hard to focus.”

This semester marks the second semester that Eastern Christian High School is doing remote learning. James has experienced both semesters in remote.

Q: “How different is remote learning compared to last semester?”

James: “I think that remote learning is a lot better this year.”

Q: “What improvements do you think the school could make for a better learning experience for both types of learning?”

James: “I think that so far they are doing a good job and (I) am not sure what else they could do.”

Due to the ongoing pandemic, many schools had to abandon their plans and adapt to new settings and environments. Fortunately, students are still able to learn via either remote learning or in-school learning.

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