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Isabelle Lazor: Abounding Ambition

Isabelle Lazor is known for multiple things: being a vocalist in various worship settings, being a member of the girl’s varsity lacrosse team, and being in a family of nine children. Most recently, she is known to be Eastern Christian’s valedictorian of 2020.

She possesses many talents and abilities, as seen through her involvement in the various programs that EC has to offer, but there is more to Isabelle Lazor than meets the eye.

Isabelle states that high school has changed who she is as a person, as she’s matured in her faith, character and academics. She says, “I'm thankful for the friends, teachers, and family members who pushed me to do my best and gave me amazing memories which I'll always cherish.” When asked what she’s most proud of throughout her high school career, she responds, “I'm definitely most proud to be the valedictorian. From my freshman year, I haven't stopped pushing myself to embrace striving for excellence, and this is an amazing honor and proof of all my efforts to glorify God in my academics.”

A few honorable mentions within her high school career are being elected the president of EC’s chapter of the National Honors Society and her ability to overcome fear of failure on the worship team and in the drama club. According to Isabelle, “The most important thing high school has taught me is something Ms. Van Ryn told our freshman humanities class: life is all about balance. I've wrestled with the difficulty to balance my life as a student, friend, sister, daughter, athlete, leader, performer, etc. High school has taught me that if I'm not centered on Christ and striving for Him above success, I could never hope to find balance in my life.”

EC has shaped her in a way that has left her confident and prepared for college and what lies in her future. ”My faith has grown because of the wonderful community I have found at EC. Whether it be my teachers or best friends, someone has always been there for me in times of distress and discouragement to remind me of God's promises and Truths.” One thing that Isabelle doesn't think many people know about her is how insecure she is about her vocal ability and self-critical about her academic performance. She elaborates: “I am my own worst enemy and my harshest critic. By the grace of God, I've been put in situations where I've been able to grow and discover my passion for both singing and academics in a healthier way that's allowed me to think less of myself and focus more on Christ. It's terrifying to be on stage in front of hundreds of your peers to lead worship, especially when you know some people are listening to judge instead of singing along to praise. However, there have always been people to ground me and speak truth into my life, and for them, I'm forever grateful.”

In college, Isabelle intends to study English and communications. She says, “I love writing and working with other people, and one day I hope to record and communicate the stories of other missionaries around the world.” When asked how she wants to be remembered, Isabelle puts it simply: “I want to be remembered as someone who loves Jesus, and who strove to glorify God in everything. If people remember and know who I am after I'm gone, then I want them to be encouraged by my testimony of God's faithfulness.”

If people remember and know who I am after I'm gone, then I want them to be encouraged by my testimony of God's faithfulness

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