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Jamie Kim: Sophomore Legend

Jamie Kim (2021)

Jamie Kim, sophomore at EC, collapses into bed after a long day of activities and extracurriculars, ready to do it again the next day. She squints into the dark at her clock and it blinks back in response, “2:00 A.M.”

Varsity tennis player, Humanities student with a concentration in history, high honor roll student, Vice President of EC’s ABIDE SOAR, John Hopkins Pre-College psychological training program attendee, 2 extracurricular AP class taker, winner of the GENIUS Olympiad Creative Writing award and 4 School’s Scholastic Awards and student of the online Columbia Writing Program are just a few of the things that Jamie Kim has been apart of in only 2 years of her high school career.

“I really want to be someone that’s important in the world and I want to make change and I think to do that you have to be well educated and go to a good college, so I think; it’s worth it to sacrifice a little bit now to be a good person later,” she shares.

At the end of middle school. Jamie made the decision to give up one of her biggest passions, archery, in order to become more focused on school and extracurriculars that pertained to her future endeavors. Jamie was second in the nation for women’s archery when she decided it was too much to handle, and while going into new high school honors classes, activities, and sports she reluctantly made the decision to drop it. Jamie’s passion for learning extinguishes the bit of remorse she feels towards having to give up things she loves, like archery and painting. She looks forward to a bright future where her constant hard work, dedication, and sacrifice will pay off.

Although overwhelmed with work and activities constantly, Jamie Kim loves to be challenged. Going from school to tennis, to her AP Classes, to her Columbia Writing program, to homework for all of the above, may be exhausting, but Jamie attests that it’s worth it. “I just really love learning. Especially when I’m learning about psychology and history. I think it's important to know how your brain functions and about the past.” Her AP classes, AP Language Arts and AP Psychology, are her most challenging activities that she’s currently a part of. Jamie says it challenges her intellectually, and she appreciates it. But, her favorite activity at the moment is the Humanities program at EC. She appreciates the people in the class a lot, as well as the material and the environment in the class.

Jamie undoubtedly has a bright future awaiting her and she’s hoping all of her hard work pays off. She aspires to go to a prestigious college and follow her passion of Humanities into the real world some day. Maybe in the future we’ll see her name under “Best Selling Authors."

She offers advice for other scholars aspiring to take the same path: “It took me a long time to realize that you’re not always going to be the best… you need to be okay with learning and okay with failing, and put in a lot of work.”


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