Jimmy Wiegers Snowboarding Career

Sophomore Jimmy Wiegers packs the car with his Burton Process all mountain snowboard, boots, and goggles. He arrives at Mountain Creek during a chilly Saturday in February. He scans his season pass and gets on the lift. At the top of the mountain he straps in and takes his favorite trail going down the mountain. He carves back and forth to reduce his speed until he sees a section where it drops and is very straight where he goes very fast.

Jimmy says he has snowboarded for the past 11 years. It is one of his favorite winter activities and he tries to go out almost every weekend during winter if conditions allow. His favorite place to snowboard is in Vermont. It is Mount Killington. He goes to Vermont from time to time year round and participates in many different activities, including wake boarding, backpacking, and snowboarding.

Jimmy is an advanced snowboarder so he does some cool tricks. His favorite is a tame dog. It is when the snowboarder goes off a jump and proceeds to do a front flip and land it. Doing these tricks can cause injury though. When asked about his worst fall Jimmy said, ¨I went on a rail one time and I fell and fractured my collarbone.¨ Getting injured does not stop Jimmy from snowboarding though, after he recovers of course.

Snowboarding is expensive. It can often cost hundreds of dollars even for a used set of everything that is needed and a new set can often fetch over a 1000 dollars. Jimmy says it is well worth the expense. He recommends starting off with a used set to make sure you like it and then save up for new items. Certain snowboarding shops often have very cool features including where they form the boots to your foot's shape

Jimmy says, ¨Snowboarding is one of my favorite winter activities and I can not wait for the season to begin so I can shred the slopes.¨