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Keeping It Fresh

The first day of school can be scary: Unfamiliar faces, crowds of people, unknown halls. However, Caleb Kuperus proved that it could also be exciting. Kuperus walks through the door on his first day, ready for a new year full of new possibilities. Caleb Kuperus is a freshman entirely new to Eastern Christian, and he is excited for what is to come.

Caleb is one of many new freshmen, entering into the beginning of his next four years of high school. Right now, the freshmen are enjoying their beginning stage of high school.

Some students like Caleb have said that they already like it more than middle school, and are able to explore new freedoms and opportunities. Caleb Kuperus explained that Eastern Christian is full of a wide variety of people, more diverse than the middle school he previously went to before Eastern Christian. Another freshman, Kendra Heerema, agreed that meeting new people has been a great part of high school. Heerema, coming from the Eastern Christian Middle School, was able to make many new friends through sports and classes.

SOAR is back for the first time since COVID-19, and it seems to be a freshman favorite. SOAR is a 45-minute period where students can sign up for different clubs and activities. Julia Conklin shared that the nature walk is her favorite SOAR. During her SOAR, the group was thinking about walking to Dunkin Donuts, something that she said would have never happened in middle school. Caleb Kuperus also said that the fiber arts soar was a lot of fun. Heerema and Kuperus both agree that they enjoy most of their classes and are learning a lot more than in middle school.

While COVID is still a factor this year, it hasn’t stopped the freshman from adapting and enjoying high school. COVID hasn’t really changed much for them this year, as by now they’re used to the many effects that COVID brings. This year, the freshman will get to experience many events that were put on hold last year, like Homecoming, sports games, and other group activities. Julia Conklin is a player on the volleyball team, and says she is excited for what this season will bring. The freshmen have a lot to look forward to, and this is just the beginning. Caleb Kuperus feels that they need some time to get closer to one another, saying that

“right now they're just a bunch of insecure teenagers just trying to fit in”.


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