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Leah Boonstra: Making Life - Long Memories

Senior Leah Boonstra will be attending Kean University and majoring in, “Early Childhood Education/ Special Education. I chose this major because I love kids, and I love helping people. The best way for me to help young kids is to become a teacher.”

EC has made a big impact in Leah’s life as she is a lifer and feels that, “EC overall has made me a better person. The atmosphere that EC provides is a very loving and judge-free zone. I gained a second family at EC. Mrs. Troast and Mrs. Genuario are two teachers that have had a huge impact on me. They’re not only my teachers, but both Mrs. Genuario and Mrs. Troast are also mentors and friends. In and out of school they always talk to me and make sure I’m okay.”

Throughout the past four years, Leah has made many memories, but her favorite memory has to be the EC, “senior picnic. I love getting together with a bunch of my friends, making a team, and competing against other friend groups.” In addition to the senior picnic, Leah’s faith has been impacted, “After going on a mission trip to Guatemala, my faith grew tremendously. I was able to see all the work that God had done in my life, and am thankful for the work that he continues to do.”

"I was able to see all the work that God had done in my life, and am thankful for the work that he continues to do.”

Leah is very proud of her personal growth since freshman year, “Coming into high school I was very shy and afraid of what other people thought about me. Looking back, I have grown so much since then. I have made a ton of friends who will last a lifetime.”

Leah is also extremely “thankful for the teachers and mentors I’ve had throughout the past four years. I have no doubt that after high school is over, I will still be in contact with some of them.”

The top thing that Leah has learned is that “school isn’t always about learning. It’s about experiences and making life-long memories.”

As senior year comes to a close, Leah reflects on her legacy saying, “I want to be remembered as someone who was always smiling and willing to help others. I want EC to remember me by my positivity and ambition to make others around me smile.”


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