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Lucas Genuraio Varsity Disaster

Lucas Genuraio gets called up for a opportunity of lifetime but leads to a season ending injury.

Lucas Genuario was a star junior varsity player and then one fateful day he got called up to varsity and was elated.

Lucas joined soccer when Coach Harvell said they did not have enough players for JV. He was a starter and played striker. In his first game he scored two goals which surprised everyone.

His skill carried him throughout the whole season grabbing the attention of Varsity Coach Troast “Originally yes, I was very excited to join Varsity, but not anymore,” Lucas says. He was very happy to leave the JV team behind and said “NO I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could,” This feeling was mutual throughout most of the JV team.

When he arrived at his first varsity game he warmed up with the team like he normally would . At first, he was excited to be moved up but that feeling was soon replaced with dismay and disappointment when he was a bench warmer. . But then Coach Troast said he could play 5 minutes into the game. “I had a great rush of adrenaline when I stepped onto the field and then immense pain a few minutes later,” says Lucas. It turns out that he hurt his knee only a few minutes into his first varsity game.

I asked Lucas what happened that hurt his knee and he said, “I clenched the ground in pain while I was touched by the trainer, it happened because I hit the ball with my knee not locked and it twisted 180 degrees.” That was the end of his first Varsity game but there is a good side to this, “I am extremely disappointed but now I can rest,” Once a star JV player now just an injured varsity player. He was diagnosed with an MCL tear but he Is eyeing a comeback on October 30th.


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