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Lukas Faasse, Loving JV Soccer Captain

Lukas Faasse attended High Mountain Middle School in North Haledon; he came to EC freshman year and joined the soccer team.

Lukas does not only play soccer. He also plays basketball and baseball for Eastern Christian. He plays point guard for the JV team and he plays second base for baseball. Even though he plays all these sports, soccer is still his favorite.

Lukas has been playing soccer since he was about 5 or 6 when his parents signed him up. “My parents signed me up and I have loved it ever since”. He played forward at the North Haledon Rec. He now plays midfield for the Eastern Christian JV soccer team.

He is captain of the JV soccer team and does an excellent job. Everyone on the team calls him Captain Faasse and respects him. Lukas very much enjoys being a captain. “I enjoy being captain because it gives me an important role on the team,” he says. Although he is such a successful captain in soccer he is not a captain in other of the sports he plays.

Lukas says, “Being the captain is exciting, I take pleasure in yelling at the freshmen and controlling the field and team.” This is one of the things he does not find hard about being the captain. “However I am so tired that it affects my play in soccer,” said Lukas when he was asked about challenges he faced in soccer.

Although the season may have its ups and downs Lukas says he would not give up being a captain for anything. He loves playing such a big role on the team.


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