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Luke Martin: Think Critically

Even in the midst of a heated discussion about one the most pressing issues in contemporary America, Luke has the wisdom to communicate his ideas clearly and eloquently while still maintaining good relationships with others who may disagree.

Currently, senior Luke Martin is still undecided on his college major as he is interested in a variety of subjects. He is thankful for how EC has given him the freedom to explore a variety of classes based on his own interest. “I was able to broaden my horizons by taking a combination of diverse classes that gave me a well-rounded education in a variety of topics,” says Luke. In his four years of high school, Luke has pursued academic excellence by taking challenging classes from science to math, to English and history, as well as classes on local and world issues.

High school has encouraged me to think critically about situations and develop my own views and beliefs

High school has taught Luke to think critically and form his own opinions about the world around him. This is perhaps one of the biggest changes for Luke as he explains how earlier in life, people simply take in whatever is given to them. “High school has encouraged me to think critically about situations and develop my own views and beliefs,” adds Luke.

Luke is glad to say that he is much more confident in himself now, compared to what he was like back in freshman year. He recounts a memory of having to present in Career and Technical Education class, or CTE for short. CTE is a class all freshmen take together. Luke used to be quite nervous about presenting in CTE due to how large the audience is. However, Luke has progressed greatly since then. He found presentations to be much easier to do.

The end of the year picnic has always been Luke’s favorite school activity, where groups of students will engage and compete in different games. The event almost always ends with a tug-of-war in the mud pit in the school's front lawn. “The tug of war is always the capstone of the tournament and is very exciting to watch or participate in,” exclaims Luke.


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