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Masks are back

In August of this year, Phil Murphy announced that all New Jersey schools would be wearing masks to start the school year due to rising Covid numbers. Eastern Christian was no exception to this. EC students all have different views about the mask mandate.

Elle Rishko, a senior, was asked if we should be required to wear masks. She said no,

“it should be a choice”.

She thinks they are uncomfortable, but also thinks we will be required to wear them for a long time still. She also thinks that some teachers are overly strict about the rule, although she knows they are just doing what they’re told.

“Some are a little strict about it though and tell students to put a mask on while eating or drinking.”

Jenny Qiu, another senior at EC, also does not like wearing the masks, but feels that it is a necessity with Covid as an ongoing issue. She also thinks that some teachers are more strict than others, but says it’s understandable since it’s a requirement while we’re in the building. When asked about a better solution, Jenny said

“a better solution I guess would be everyone getting vaccinated.”


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