Mr. Harvell: Walking through the door that God had opened for me.

Eastern Christian encourages teachers to increase their knowledge, as well as encourage students to attempt new things. Since the beginning of the school year, Mr. Harvell, a high school physical education teacher, has been teaching EC students religious teachings.

Mr. Harvell had been teaching bible class at his prior school. When he was approached for an interview to come to EC, he did not request to become a bible teacher, but he did jump at this opportunity. EC has scheduled a Bible class for him this school year.

Mr. Harvell, as we all know, is in charge of a lot of different roles at the school. He is not only a fit instructor and baseball and soccer coach, but also a bus driver and Eagles camp leader. He has a lot of experience teaching physical education.

As a novice Bible teacher, Mr. Harvell finds it more difficult to arrange classes because the class does not have an established set of standards. Meanwhile, he describes how the EC's Bible lesson has evolved through time. There are four Bible teachers: Mr. Bailey, Mr. Culp, Mrs. Johnson, and Mr. Harvell. Each of them has a unique style, but the purpose is the same. Before students graduate, Bible professors should teach them the fundamentals of the Christian religion.

Mr. Harvell teaches the class in the front of classroom

Mr. Harvell's approach emphasizes the importance of sharing his own personal faith and experience. Students would be able to see how Christ interacts with them in this way. He asserts he tries to keep the class fun and not be distracted or stop paying attention so try to keep the fun, let them work together.

Following the conversation, Mr. Harvell plans to use P.E. class to teach kids about the significance of living a healthy lifestyle. He is willing to share his own experience in Bible class to help students understand the value of religion.

His relationship with Christ, in his opinion, is the most important source of purpose and power in his life. Furthermore, he believes that God purposefully gives everyone a foresight step to look forward with trust. He believes that God can provide opportunities for everyone to communicate their religion, such as giving Bible classes to students. He believes that God opens the door to him, giving him the chance to let him put his faith in action.

“Sometimes it's not clear which direction to go, but you have to step forward by faith that God is the partner and go with us. As he promises you know to go with us.” He responded with the question about how religion works in his life.

He now believes that teaching the Bible is more about being true to the chances that God has provided to him.