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Mrs. Rhyu returns to EC

Mrs.Rhyu understands what it is like to be an international student.

“I understand what it's like to go through high school as an international student as a previous international student myself. I think having that perspective is crucial. And I just really appreciate it” she shares.

Mrs. Rhyu came back to EC after a 4-year gap when she was with her family and worked on a graduate program . She became a new international student advisor this year. She is happy to support more international students in her new role.

Mrs. Rhyu brings her personal background to her role as the new adviser in the International Department. Mrs. Rhyu was born in Korea and moved to China in middle school. She came to the United States as a junior in high school, and she finished her college degree here.

Reflecting on her time in school, Mrs. Rhyu said,“I think it was really God's way of opening up myself to Him a lot more. I became closer to him through these experiences,”

Mrs. Rhyu thinks that EC is different from many other schools. She made a connection with EC when she was in high school. She had a lot of friends from EC and joined the EC prom. Though her friends, she was able to get to know more about EC and noticed how her friends formed close relationships with their teachers and were supported by them. After she graduated from college, she was looking for a teaching job. Luckily, EC had an opening and she knew the environment that EC provides was her priority, and when she got an offer from EC, she halted all the other interviews. Mrs. Rhyu is also a current EC parent and thinks EC’s education is what she wants her daughter Joy to have.

When she was a science teacher at EC, she already thoroughly enjoyed her job and was passionate about helping international students acclimate into their life and schooling in the United States. So when this position opened up, she was grateful for the opportunity. The international program at EC is very unique because it provides a comprehensive support for not only their academic, but also social, emotional and spiritual growth. It also has a specific department that offers international students with many activities and leadership opportunities. EC provides a lot of support for our international students and not every school does. Therefore, Mrs. Rhyu thinks she is privileged to support the international students at EC.

She hopes to be available for all the international students and bring them closer to Christ. She also hopes to support seniors for their college application. She wants to get to know each student and provide just the right support for each of them.

Some students think Mrs. Rhyu has a special gift to provide to her students.

Senior student Alicia Ulaikere said, “Mrs. Rhyu is very nice and social, and very open. She is going to help a lot of international students. She has that quirky and calm vibe that she throws at everyone and she makes you want to get involved.”


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