Mrs Vincenti: an incredible helper and amazing teacher

The car drove into the parking lot of the middle school and pulled into a parking space. The driver got out and grabbed her things. She turned and walked to the door of the building for another day of work at the middle school.

Mrs. Vincenti first heard about Eastern Christian from a relative when she was looking for a new school for her oldest daughter. Since then, she has been volunteering and now working at EC.

Originally, when she first started volunteering, she helped Mrs. Rudd in the middle school’s media center. She would just come in for short amounts of time every once in a while and help. She eventually also began helping the teachers if they needed anything.

Mrs. Vincenti pc: Justin Van Dyke

Fast forward a bit, she was asked if she could cover a study hall for the seventh and eighth-grade students, to which she agreed. This was when she first started working for EC. She still also volunteered at this time.

As time went on, she began doing more at the school. Now she does many things at the school. Some of the different activities she may do in a day are teach fourth and fifth-grade students, substitute, laminate, recess duty, help plan events, and other things.

Before the pandemic, most of her time was still volunteer work, but now she is working more and is at the middle school most of the time because she realized that she can help more if she is at the school more often.

Mrs. Vincenti is a very hard worker and really cares about her work at the middle school. She has a huge impact on everyone in the school, and it would be very different without her. She has been volunteering for 12 years.

Mrs. Vincenti said, “I enjoy getting to know each of the students, and I enjoy the friends that I have with the faculty and staff I have on all campuses but obviously really on the middle school campus.”