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Naomi Braunius: A Heart for EC

Naomi with her two daughters
Naomi with her two daughters

Naomi Braunius first started attending EC as a kindergartener. In the years afterwards, EC has made a big impact on her. Since graduating Messiah College, Naomi has taught at Eastern Christian Middle school for twenty years as a social studies teacher, a Horizons teacher, an ELA teacher, a Bible teacher, and a teacher for the TESS program.

Her love for God has been shown in every aspect of her life. She retains fond memories of her time at ECHS. These included the Christmas festivals, NHS, taking pictures for yearbook, typing class with Mrs. Linz, and Mr. Apols’ current event quizzes. She also fondly remembers her teachers. She says, “Mr. Davis was my high school band director, and he always made me laugh and smile. I also really appreciated Mr. Lucas, our high school principal. He was a quiet man, and at times I was probably a bit scared of him, but he had a quiet and comforting presence about him that I always appreciated as a student. Senora Dreisbach was my Spanish teacher, and she had the best laugh. We sure had a blast everyday!”

She also sang the praises of the writing program of EC, saying, “I remember getting into college and being really thankful that I could write. I knew how to write an essay, a good one. I always got good grades, but I had to work hard for them, and I know that EC helped shape my confidence around my particular academic strengths. I learned discipline and application of knowledge, practices I use within my own pedagogy today. Above all else, I established a strong Biblical worldview that has played into every area of my adult life.” Naomi also highlighted the importance of core values in the education that EC provides, and explained, “Although we didn't have established core values at EC then like we do know, the same core values were present growing up as a student at EC. My teachers loved me and cared about my learning. Today, I wake up my daughters knowing that they have teachers who love them and care about their learning. When I walk into our Wyckoff campus each morning, although this year I am a bit more tired than other years, I know that God has called me to love my students, learn along with them, and play just a small role in preparing them to be transformers for Christ in a broken world.”

Naomi still retains her respect and love for the EC community. She described the education EC provides as, “Priceless. All cliche's aside, I would call my education and the education that my children are getting, absolutely priceless. God is good. He is faithful.”


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